In vitro validation of an ultra-sensitive scanning microscope for analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells.

Hillig T, Nygaard A, Nekiunaite L, Klingelhöfer J and Sölétormos G.l, APMIS 2014 122:545-551.

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Circulating tumor

Circulating tumor cells analysed by scanning fluorescence microscopy in the XeNa trial.

Hillig T, Nygaard A, Brems-Eskildsen AS, Langkjer ST and Sölétormos G, 2014.

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Novel CytoTrack Disc for Downstream Analysis of Individual Circulating Tumor Cells from Blood.

Frandsen AF, Petersen J, Tofiq D, Stender H, Markussen TH, Albrektsen KB, 2014

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Novel method for combined enumeration and EpCAM characterization of circulating tumor cells from blood

Haugaard AS, Nejlund S, Frandsen AF, Stender H, Hillig T, Söletormos G, 2014

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Sample Preservation for Analysis of Circulating Tumor Cells in Cancer Patients by CytoTrack.

Nejlund S, Van M, Haugaard AS, Stender H, Hillig T, Söletormos G and Kraan J, 2014

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In vitro detection of CTCs with the CytoTrack method

Nejlund S, Haugaard AS, Nygaard A, Söletormos G, Hillig T, 2013

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Monitoring CTC in metastatic breast cancer patients using the CytoTrack method

Hillig T, Nygaard A, Haugaard AS, Nejlund S, Brems-Eskildsen AS, Langkjer ST and Sölétormos G. , 2013

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Method comparison of CTC detection with CytoTrack and CellSearch

Nygaard A, Horn P, Haugaard AS, Nejlund S, Klingelhöfer J, Brandslund I, Sölétormos G, Hillig T, 2013

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In vitro detection of CTCs with the CytoTrack method

Haugaard, A, Nygaard AB, Nejlund S, Klingelhöfer J, Sölétormos G, Hillig T, 2013

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Automatic Platform for CTC Detection - Independent of Filtration and Surface Markers

Albrektsen KB, Frandsen A, Stender H, Smith J, Markussen TH, 2014

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Academic collaborations

CytoTrack is insterested in collaborating with researches working in rare cell analysis.

If you would like to learn more about cytotrack technology, please feel free to contact us.

CytoTrack has established a network of clinical and academic partners pursuing collaborative research goals by focusing on the analysis of rare circulating cells. This network has supported our technology development and provided clinical samples across a wide varierity of indications that have been analyzed using our platform.

Our system is an open platform system and we invite researchers to explore the unique features that the technology provides. 

For more informations about working with CytoTrack and its partners, please contact the CytoTrack team.